Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Trap Deadhead Durant

This fine example of black youth reps the eastside of Charleston, Mary and America Streets. Another crime ridden ghetto in the tri-county area. He attended Burke High School, another notoriously shitty, predominantly black school in Charleston County. Education isn't actually a high priority there.

Here is Trap with the obligatory dreads, blunt, and memorial t-shirt dedicated to some dead 'real nigga.'

Do 'real niggas' understand how stupid they look when they're wearing their grillz? Guess not.

Here are a couple shots of Trap in granny's bathroom. Is this pose a requirement to be a a true 'real nigga?"

Well, at least he isn't putting the money in his mouth.

Gutta N Netty

This young hoodlum calls himself 'Gutta N Netty.' He appears to hail from the Waylyn area, off of Dorchester Road in North Charleston. Waylyn is a terrible, crime ridden neighborhood and I doubt this clown contributes much good.


Let's kick off the festivities with a fellow who calls himself 'Lilreeny Offdatstrip Jones.' Lilreeny says he graduated from R.B. Stall High School in 2010 and declares, "ITS ALL BOUT GETIN DIS MONEY WORD STRIPBOUND." The spelling and grammar are about right for someone who attended Stall H.S., which happens to be one of the worst high schools in the state. Most 'graduates' from Stall these days have the distinct honor of having gone to the school for twelve or fifteen years while making no attempt to actually learn anything.

Here he is in granny's bathroom showing you how many times he repeated fifth grade.

In this photo Lilreeny shows you his IQ.

Is this a cultural thing? Why do 'real niggas' insist on being photographed with money in their mouths? Keep it real, Lilreeny.

Welcome to Me!

This blog was started to expose those who call themselves 'real niggas' and thug in the Charleston-Berkeley-Dorchester area of South Carolina. This should be fun!